Health, Wellness and Beauty Medical Clinic in La Jolla and San Diego

Tatiana Neumann is an experienced
Physician in family practice
with a passion for all aspects
of her profession and each
of her patients
and their individual needs

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Health Care for All Ages

Family medicine for all ages including Osteopathy and homeopathy as indicated, with a Mind, Body, Spirit approach to healing for the whole body and the entire family.

Medical Aesthetics and Weight Loss

Modern and safe procedures for the beauty of your face and body and effective, individualized weight loss programs too.

Joint Health

Advanced healing methods will return mobility to your joints and relieve pain as well.

Welcome to our clinic!

Feeling healthy and feeling good about yourself is not a luxury – it’s an absolute necessity.

With an emphasis on helping you achieve and maintain optimal health, well-being, beauty and vitality, we specialize in comprehensive health and wellness procedures for every stage of life. 

Whether you want to receive an osteopathic structural exam and treatment, prolotherapy for chronic pain, explore bio-identical hormone replacement therapy,
shed excess pounds or rejuvenate your complexion,

We offer you the trusted care of a Family Medicine trained Physician with
expertise in OMT, Bio-identical hormones, aesthetics and weight loss.


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