Stem Cells

Stem Cells

“Have you been told that you need surgery to replace or repair your knee, hip, elbow or shoulder?
Are you in excruciating pain, day in and day out, taking medications that you don’t want to take due to your injury or Arthritis pain?

We can offer an alternative, a way to get out of pain and let your body heal itself!

Regenerative medicine employing Stem Cells is allowing many patients, just like you,
to recover full use of their joints without the risks,
pain and extensive rehabilitation involved with surgery!”

Tatiana Neumann, DO
Regenerative medicine specialist

Where can you get safe Stem Cells?


Amniotic Stem cells are carefully collected from the placentas of healthy live birth babies. In the past these were discarded or used in treating burns or to speed recovery from orthopedic surgery.
Now we know that they are rich in safe amniotic stem cells that have tremendous potential to naturally heal a wide variety of ailments with no known side effects!

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Before and after birth extensive Health histories are done. The donor placentas are carefully selected, screened and processed then cryogenically frozen according to FDA guidelines to assure safety and potency. This process yields ethical, safe and potent amniotic stem cells that can provide nonsurgical treatments for many ailments.

What Can We Treat With Stem Cells?

Research is showing that the scope of what stem cells can treat is nearly unlimited, however what we can ethically and safely offer is currently limited to ailments such as: torn rotator cuffs, torn labrums, torn and inflamed ligaments and tendons, Osteo and Rheumatoid arthritis and more each day.

Safe Amniotic Stem Cells also provide a rich source of proteins and growth factors that reduce inflammation and build natural scaffolding to speed tissue repair and reduce pain dramatically.

Pain in the hip

Stem cells for the hip

Many have avoided surgical hip replacement and the pain and rehabilitation time that comes with surgery. With stem cell therapy they are often able to return to normal activities quicker with less pain.

neck pain

Stem Cell Therapy for Neck Pain

Stem cells safely applied to the appropriate areas along the vertebral column can reduce and in most cases eliminate the pain in those areas.

knee pain

Stem Cell Therapy for the Knee

Before you consider minor or major knee replacement surgery learn what Stem Cells can do for you. The Knee responds quickly to amniotic stem cell therapy! It is likely that you will only need one painless injection and be back to normal in no time at all.

shoulder pain

Stem Cell Therapy for the Shoulder

The Elbow and the Shoulder are other areas that respond quickly to Stem Cell therapy. Tendinitis, tendinosis, torn rotator cuffs and labrums heal quickly with stem cell treatments.

This Сase of Painful Knee Osteoarthritis Was Reversed

Complex treatments, like joint reconstruction that in the past have involved painful surgery and extended rehabilitation can now often be accomplished with Painless Stem Cell treatments. If you have osteoarthritis and joint pain or damage to soft tissues like ligaments and tendons you may not need surgery!

This case of painful knee osteoarthritis was reversed with a painless treatment of safe amniotic Stem Cells and surgery was avoided! Notice how the painful bone on bone condition was quickly reversed! This is Regenerative Medicine at its best.


Patient Testimonials

William L.

11 Seasons of Professional Football left me with a terrible quality of life that I never thought would change. Then I was introduced to Stem Cells …. Now my shoulder and knees feel 100% better!!

Belinda L.

My pain level from 1 to 10 was always at a 10! It didn’t matter what pills I took or what I did to try to find relief with homeopathy or acupuncture etc. The pain was unbearable, but not now…every morning I wake up and literally say, “ Thank you Doc! Thank you Stem Cells!”

Merci B.

After 32 years of arthritis pain, pain was all I knew. It was just kind of natural to go through the day with aches and sharp spikes of discomfort. After just one painless injection, the chronic pain in my left shoulder was completely gone!

Dr. John M.

Somehow I managed to tear the labrum in my hip and by the time I stopped to treat it, I was in severe pain due to the loss of cartilage I was bone on bone and osteoarthritis set in, I was looking at a hip replacement…Now I am not! Thank you Dr Neumann!

Stem Cell Research and Application Areas

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